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all icons on the all frames the same

after some period all icons displayed with i96

according to the example below

after off/on - ok

after some period issue back.

more than I have a two Lametrics - behavior the similar.


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Thanks for your patience.

We would like to inform you that recently we released the new version of devwidget with bug fixes.
To get new fixes please try to add a new version of your app, update and publish it. Then, check the behavior of your LaMetric device.

We hope this helps.

If the issue persists, contact

Thank you so much. Can’t test cuz no home no house no LaMetric War :(

I've updated my app with a new version, but now no icons are showing at all.  I've tried reintsalling the app, and rebooting the device.

Dear @Rob,

We replied to your ticket from email. 

Please check.

Thanks, I'll confirm here so other people can see - the icon string format "i37651" no longer worked, I had to to switch the frames to return an integer,  icon: 37651

Dear @Oleg,

We feel deeply for your sorrow and grieve with you(

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We would also like to say that recently we released a new update for devwidget with 'string' icon format support. Now you can return icons both in 'string' and 'integer' format.

In order to get new updates add a new version of your app, update and publish it. 

If you have any other questions, write an email to

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