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WebInterface ?

Hello, I noticed today by chance that the Lametric has a web interface. Without access data, I get but only to see:

            "message":"Authorization is required"

Has anyone an idea what access data I must enter there?

Best Answer

There is no web interface, just a REST API for local push notifications.


There is no web interface, just a REST API for local push notifications.

mhmmm....If I enter the ip address of my lametric into the browser he wants username and password.
Without this, only the above
"Authorization is required"-Snippet is shown in the browser,


If I understand correctly Port 80 and 443 handle API request V1 and Ports 8080 and 4343 handle API requests V2.

Username should be "dev" and password should be your api key

When will we get the opportunity or access to the web interface? Here you could add sounds, etc. yourself. I think this option is very easy for the LaMetric team to implement. Unfortunately, I feel very restricted with LaMetric Time. Especially since I expected a little more with a €200 gadget.

it's pretty sad that a 200 USD device forces you to use another $600 device just to operate it.

a very basic Web app would not really hard to accomplish as the LaMetric Time already runs a webserver to accept commands.

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yeah, agree, generally it seems the hype has died, and nothing really happening anymore on the development end.

The creators of LaMetric interacted with a variety of data when they were coworkers at a digital agency. Web analytics, marketing statistics, and more are included. This is where LaMetric Time got its start. A product that would transform a basic clock into something useful for the home, artists, and businesses. lewdle


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