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My Data DIY

I got an email informing me of the new MQTT Discovery support in the My Data DIY app, but I can't configure it?

I can only configure MQTT channel in version 2.0.10, which is the latest I can download.

How do I get my hands on this release? :)

Here's the email: 

Based on valuable feedback from our community, we’re excited to announce enhanced NO CODE capabilities in the My Data DIY app, now supporting the Home Assistant MQTT discovery protocol.

Discover new possibilities:

Effortless Integration: My Data DIY app now automatically discovers devices that support the Home Assistant MQTT protocol from any appropriate MQTT broker.

Wide Device Selection:  When connected to such an MQTT broker, choose from a range of devices including weather stations, energy meters, inverters, smart plugs, heat pumps, and more.

Real-time Metrics: After device selection, the app displays a wealth of real-time metrics such as current, voltage, temperature, energy, humidity, and more.

Compatibility: Supported on TIME (production 2022+) and SKY.

TIME with energy data, automatically discovered using Home Assistant MQTT Discovery protocol 

Dear @Marco,

Please note, that new MQTT Discovery feature is available only for LaMetric TIME devices manufactored from 2022.

If you have more questions, please write an email on

What is the minimum version of the My Data DIY app required to configure MQTT Discovery, according to the email announcement? slope game

Dear @Rosenda,

My Data DIY (with no-code possibilities) app v.2.0.9 supports MQTT Discovery feature. Also, please note, that it also available only for LaMetric TIME devices manufactured from 2022. 

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