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Slower text scrolling

Please add a global setting to slow down text scrolling speed, in both horizontal and vertical directions. This is especially needed for apps like News, it just zips but so quickly it really can't be read. When streaming bluetooth music, song title zips by way too fast to read.


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I agree, I've configured the notes application and found the text a little fast as well - it'd be nice to have the speed configurable by a slider in the app.


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We have just released Firmware 1.4.0 that supports global text effect configuration. Check it out here. Any feedback on this is appreciated. Thanks.

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I notice the speed setting is only for the typewrite mode, could we also have this for the scroll speed too, thanks.

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Ah, can't edit, by which I also mean, the typewriter text is too slow (for my liking) even at the fastest setting, while the scroll text is too fast at its only setting. Something between the two would be perfect. I'm happy with the typewriter being able to go faster, and definitely a setting added to scroll. 

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This topic results to be "implemented", but at 50%. The setting for the horizontal scrolling speed is needed. As is, is too fast!

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Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I just bought the Lametric Time on
I deeply regret that the problem has been going on for two years without being resolved.
Personally I do not like the "typewriter" effect to read messages, it's unpleasant when you look at several in a row.
It would be perfect if you could control the horizontal scrolling speed. I see on my application that the speed is blocked on "medium" without having the possibility to modify this speed of scrolling.
When will we have this feature up to date?
My professional customers are interested in the Lametric Time but they ask if we can slow down the speed of scrolling. They will not buy this product as long as the speed will not be adjustable as with the "typewriter" ...

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For me it still need to have a option to slow down the scroll speed. 

sad we still asking this. =(

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This was marked implemented, but it sure doesn't seem much slower.

Ok. I'm asking for VERY SLOW text speed. How about an adjustable Characters Per Second, with a slider adjusting from 0-10 CPS in .5 increments. That should about cover it for everyone. Shouldn't really be that hard to implement should it?

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Hey, just got my LaMetric a few days ago and with my custom app the speed text is really annoying.

Please provide an option for adjusting speed text in scrolling way. (typewriter is really awful)

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please add the functionality to have slower horizontal text scrolling. this is comming from an app dev

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Scrolling is still to fast after the implementation, please provide more settings to slow down!!


 please all an option to adjust speed!

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Hello Lamteric team,

Please let us know what about this feature.

I also think that having the ability to slow down the text is a must-have!

Thank you

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This topic is marked as "implemented" – can't see the option in the current software version (2.0.6), though. Any news?

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