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Developer site becomes slow and un-responsive

Once again I'm discovering that the "" site has become slow and un-responsive.  I'm not going to pretend that I know all your infrastructure, or how or why it happens, but I have some ideas...

I reported the issue months ago about how my Lametric units are constantly doing DNS lookups for this domain, as in several times per second, seemingly because there is no DNS cache or content cache on the units themselves.  So I can surmise that since there are many more LaMetric units out in the world today, they are all effectively creating a DDoS attack on either the DNS host or the webserver of ""

I also notice that my browser becomes slow or un-responsive after several minutes of being in the create new icon thing under the create new app, online at - to the point that the fan on my PC ramps up wildly.  Clearly, some script or element on the page is having a fit and caught in a loop or some sort.

Today, I first discovered the problem because icons wouldn't display on any messages I send, then I come to discover that's because every icon is loaded from, which is currently down, if not terribly slow to respond.

I really wish someone at LaMetric would just accept the fact that this un-necessary cloud dependency (on loading everything from is really a bad idea.  Are there plans to load balance, or dedicate more bandwidth this site, or at least implement caching on the LaMetric device itself?  I'll now need to abandon what I was trying to develop tonight until another day when I find that is functioning again :-(

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2 years after your post, no change, site is still terribly slow :(


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