LaMetric Time Firmware 2.0.0, iOS and Android apps are out

Hey there! It’s been awhile since the last update. We have a great news for you! New software now allows receiving your phone notifications right to the LaMetric Time!iOS app was refreshed as well in terms of UI and performance. Now let’s dive into details.

Notifications from your phone (beta)

Firmware 2.0.0 now allows you to track phone notifications at a glance. Not all phones are supported, though. In order to use this feature your phone must have Bluetooth Low Energy hardware. If you have an iPhone you are fine. All iPhones since version 5 have the hardware in place. If you use Android – please check your phone’s tech specs. 

In order to enable this feature just swipe LaMetric Apps to the left, choose Notifications and enable switch in options. 

!!!Important!!! Remember to only display notifications from your phone only when your LaMetric Time is located in private space. Otherwise there is a high risk that someone will see your personal messages. We plan to add possibility to filter which notifications you would like to see on LaMetric Time in the future updates. Please send your suggestions how you would like to improve this feature to with "Suggestion" subject.

iOS App

LaMetric Time for iOS has refreshed look and now supports Retina display on iPhone 6 and newer models. Finally!

Bug fixes

We also spent some time fixing bugs. Here is the list of the most important ones:

- LaMetric Time could not restore correct time after reboot.

- Connectivity issues, which may prevent phone from connecting to LaMetric Time

- Switching to previous radio station via API.

- UPnP discovery of the device in local network does not work

More great features are coming!

And as usual, the full change log can be found here ( 


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