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NEW YOUTUBE APP with Google integration/ability to login for subscriber data

Hello! Is this product still being developed for? In the Amazon reviews many people have mentioned it's being abandoned (and when I logged into here I noticed the last update to the development roadmap was two years ago.) I'm hoping this isn't the case since it seems like such a fantastic product. But I'm currently debating whether to keep it or return it - because at a $200 price tag I want to make sure it will continue to work.

Also, like many I found LaMetric via Youtube and bought it to track my Youtube Subscribers only to find out that because of the changes to public subscriber data via Youtube the app no longer really works... it now only shows 3 numbers, which for anyone over 1k subs isn't helpful. 

I'd love to see an update or new Youtube App that can integrate with Google/Login in order to pull our subscriber data.

Is this something in the works, or something that you guys might consider for future? 

Thank you so much!

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