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Mobile lost connection with wifi when changing wifi

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Hi I'm from the Netherlands, finding info here in Dutch is very difficult. Today I connected the great clock, installed the app. Everything worked fine. Until I decided to choose a different WiFi network, which seemed safer to me, then I lost contact with my mobile. I have followed the examples step by step on my mobile but I am not getting a new code. The old one when installing does not work. Yet again the old network does not work either. Restarting devices also does not work.I am thinking about a complete reset, but I cannot see the relevant image. I cannot find anywhere in the app where I can adjust the second selected WiFi network again. Such a shame, I love the clock! See so many possibilities. Thanks in advance for your answers!
Thanks from Carola 
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Hi @Carola!

Sorry for the delay in response. 

We are glad to know that you like our product. We'd like to help you with the issue.

In order we had a better understanding of the issue could you please share any video demonstrating your device configuration on

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

LaMetric Team

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