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IFTTT no devices found

I bought a new lametric today and tried to use ifttt. I have successfuly linked my lametric account to lametric service on ifttt but when I try to switch on any of existing applets, ifttt shows me a “No options found” in the devices list. So I cannot use ifttt. What I am doing wrong or maybe some error here? Please help.

Hi Dmitriy,

Looks like there was a typo in your email when you were creating your accounts.

We've just sent you a detailed response on this, please check your mail.

Hi LaMetric Support! Can you please send me that detailed description as well! I am having the same problem - as well for LaMetric as for Sonos. Thanks a lot Manfred

Hi @Manjafred!

We are sorry to know about your experience.

In order we had better understanding of the issue could you please provide more details on for investigation?

It would be helpful if you share any screenshots/video demonstrating the issue and your Sonos device version.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

LaMetric Team

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