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Getting any type of OAuth working

I have attempted to add Oauth2 via Auth0 (as "Other"), Google, and Github, but I am encountering the same issue every time. When I download my private app on my device, I see "Login: Logged out ->". When I click on this absolutely nothing happens, as if this button is disabled. Meanwhile in other apps, like the lametric "github notifications" app, it looks different. For starters the spacing is different, and the text says "Login: Not logged in ->".  I'm not sure that these differences mean anything, but I am a bit baffled as to how it is even possible to change that text/spacing. And, of course, in the github app (and other existing apps) clicking the button actually brings you to a github login screen. 

Has anyone experienced this non-functioning login button on IOS before? I have faith that I am the one who messed up the OAuth setup somehow, but I just can't seem to do anything to make this button work.

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Hello @Matt,

We can confirm that there is an issue with 'Log in' button in our LaMetric Time app for iOS.

We forwarded your case to our Development Team for consideration.

As soon as we have any updates on this case we will let you know.

Your patience is appreciated.
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