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Notification sound fails to play when waking up from screensaver (occurring randomly)


sometimes, at random instances, Lametric Time fails to play the notification sound when waking up from screensaver. 

The notification is displayed without any sound.

The following notification after the first one always correctly plays the sound.

It should always wake up correctly because of:

"priority": "critical"

This is quite difficult to reproduce since it happens randomly, usually when not using notifications for hours.

I do use notifications as wake up alarm sent by Openhab Exec binding using a curl command. 

This is the POST content and it appears to work correctly apart from those bugged instancies. I'll try to get the response to POST request when the issue happens and report back, in the meantime i'll appreciate any hints.


curl -u dev:pass -X POST -d "{\"priority\":\"critical\",\"icon_type\":\"none\",\"model\":{\"frames\":[{\"text\":\"$*\"}],\"sound\":{\"category\":\"notifications\",\"id\":\"positive5\"},\"cycles\":3}}" http://LOCALIP:8080/api/v2/device/notifications

 $* is a variable injected by Openhab exec binding

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The response is still "success" when not playing notification sound.

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