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Instagram App Issues


I have still problems to get up and running the Instagram app:

I tried it several times with the "old" instagram app and with the how-to via the Instagram Developer portal. The only success I had was, that in the LaMetric Instagram App I was logged out automatically after I logged-in and after I left the "Login window". So, the result was on the Time: -->0 This seems a common issue (several web discussions) but there seems not to be a solution.

So I was happy that LaMetric released a new Instagram app. I connected my Instagram account with my Facebook account and logged in with my Facebook account in the LaMetric Instagram (business) app.

The only result on the Time was    "--> 0"

Sorry, LaMetric Guys: if you promote this kind of app via Email and web as a main reason for business to have the "Time" then it should be tested and supported in any way.

I lost a lot of time to get this Instagram apps up and running without success. There are also no help files or anything else.

So please, what should I do to get this app up and running. That was one reason why I bought this Time. Otherwise it is just an expensive clock.


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Hello Chris, thank you for the feedback. We understand your frustration. The problem is that the issue occurs with a small percentage of Instagram accounts. And looks like users who had issue with old Instagram app will experience the same one with the new app. Unfortunately, we were unable to re-produce the issue during testing, even though we have tried more than 10 different accounts in attempt to catch it. So the only thing we can do is to ask users who have this problem to share their Facebook/Instagram credentials, so we could re-create the problem and finally fix it. 

So, it would be really helpful if you could send us a support request to with your login/pass to your Facebook/Instagram account and we will try to help you. Otherwise there is not much we can do. Thank you for understanding.

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