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LaMetric stuck on four dots

I updated the firmware on my lametric and it is now stuck on four dots. I have tried restoring it like 10 times and it just ends up going back to the dots. I also tried manually installing the newest firmware and that led me back to the dots as well.
(1.69 MB)

Does any body can send a working SDCard Image with win32diskimager ?

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SD card isn't seated properly inside, would be my best guess.


how to acces to sd card ?

Take the sticky pad off the bottom, unscrew the two screws, un clip the face of the device. You’ll see the SD. If it’s not being read correctly/only partially seated or if the files are corrupted, then you can be stuck on 4 dots.

I change/format the SD Card but still have four dots ...

Just put the .bin files on the root.

Is there others partitions than the 861 Mb ?

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