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Instagram Followers jumping back and forth every 30sec


I have started to experience a problem with the Instagram Followers app. In the first few weeks, it was working perfect - but now the follower counter has started to jump 1 follower back and forth for a period of time.

So for hours it steadily increases the counter step by step, and ofcourse occasionally we loose a follower or 2 - which is perfectly fine.

But then all of a sudden, it starts counter one follower backwards and the one forward after 15-30 secs and the back again. This can go on for hours, until I manually unfollow the account on my phone and then re-follow again after a few minutes. 

If I check instagram on my phone at the same time this is happening, there is no follow/unfollow going on.

I've tried rebooting La Metric, but the same just happens again when it powers back up.

Any ideas on what's going on and why it happens? Or even how to stop it?

Henrik Holm Nielsen

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Not sure whats going on, but now the counter was stuck on same number, and after a restart of La Metric, the Instagram app. is just showing "- -" on the device :(

Facebook and other apps works just fine...

I face the same issue. Had to disable the notification since it drove me crazy.

If i remember it correctly it started two updates ago. Is there a fix on the horizon?

Sorry - have not received any indications pointing towards a solution :(

I created a ticket with the issue, and was told they would investigate and come back with info later. I guess they are still investigating :D

My issue with the counter showing "- -" was solved by deleting the app, and reinstalling. But unfortunately the counter going back and forth, is still happening despite reinstalling the app.


And unfortunately the latest update did not fix the whole thing :(

Nope - we also still same issue :(

New user here.  It worked fine for a few days but now I'm experiencing the jump back and forth.  

Any resolution to this problem?

Same here.. just started jumping up and down... The problem is there for 2 years?!?!

Seems to be solved now.. i don't know how!

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