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Radio app doesn’t work for any stations in the database.

Trying to listen to any radio station in the Lametric to no avail! Running latest firmware.

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I had this problem too. it had a long time when i found this problem. Please upload all the radio address as fast as thank you.
The URLs in the station list are possible outdated and I don’t think that LaMetric crew actively updated them. You may want to input the links of your favourite stations yourself.
So did a hard reset…now I’m getting some of the radio channels but not all of them. I did the firmware uodate a couple days ago. I wonder if it’s linked or not….

Sorry to hear. I update the firmware yesterday and Radio plays ok. My problem is that the Lametric resetted after the update and lost all settings :( some of the apps I've used are not available any more.

Don’t understsnd how this could happen when everything was working fine. Unfortunately I rely on this as a wale up alarm each morning of the week. Kind hard to rely on it if it’s not gonna work. Disappointing for such an expensive device.
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