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Hello folks! While I am enjoying LaMetric however I would really appreciate Netatmo app. It would act as a display for the weather station. Full blown Netatmo app with current sensors readouts and historical graphs for temperature and humidity (spark lines). Pressure trend etc. Weather forecast would be nice to have as well.

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Thank you, Pavel!

We appreciate and we'll take your suggestion into our account

Best wishes,


goes on lametric time

Also show information (netatmo)

from sensors:

Netatmo Smart Rain Gauge


Netatmo Smart Anemometer

Thank you

With respect

Pavel Ira


Two updates passed, and still no option to do this.. :-(


Currently there is no option to disable the location icon. But we appreciate your feedback, we will take it into account when releasing further updates.

Hello, is there a way to disable the location-icon (bathroom, living room,..)? I don't need them and I think it will look better without this animation.


Right now there shouldn't be any issues with Netatmo app.

Please send us your device logs in order we could assist you better. To make it please open Manage Device screen and tap menu icon, tap Support, select LaMetric you have a problem with and send an email with device information.

The app doesn't work anymore for me. It could be because of Netatmos API login security that I think has changed. I know that Stringify also had some issues because of this some days ago.

I deleted the app, reinstalled, and now it's working.

Everything is going well for me except for the rainfall measurements.

I have app running, but it is not updating data from my Netatmo.

Great news! Keep it up! So it looks that my Python script is no longer needed and can be safely retired. I will just put the link here for anyone's learning purposes:

Hey guys,

Happy to inform you that with the release of latest 1.7.0 firmware LaMetric Netatmo app is available! Please check.


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Hope the widget will be released soon.

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Until the standalone app is ready I have put together a simple Netatmo app. Further details on GitHub: netatmo-lametric-proxy

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