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Failing to Call Server with HTTPS

Hello, I'm trying to create a application that calls a server that is mine. I have a domain with a valid certificate (not self signed). 

When I test the connection in the app creation screen on I get a error that I can't connect to the server... If I use http the connection is made. Please note that I have tested the https connection in the browser and in other apps and it works.

Is this possible? Can any one help me? The server that is receiving the request is a NodeRed instance (should be irrelevant) and the income is handled by a reverse proxy that ensures that the connection is in https and passes it to the server. This processes is working in the browser, but failing in the developer.lametric url validation.

Thank You

Are you comfortable sharing the url you’re trying to reach? It would be easier to help if we knew what you’re trying to access :) Cheers

I would prefere not to publish the url in a public forum, first its not my server to decide, I would have to ask the company, second if I do I'll send it by private message.

From what I can tell the problem is not in the HTTPS, the problem is on using a port on the URL. I can get a green light if I use, but not to

Dos this makes any seance?

Thank You

If you can use it without specifying the port, that tells me you have https in port 443. Are you sure it’s also configured on 8888? Also, is the response status code the same when you access 443 and 8888?

Yes I'm sure.. I use the same port and method in other services like IFTTT as Google Actions, and all works ok... I only have one domain and I'm using a reverse proxy to route the traffic and assure that the connection is encrypted, I route the trafic to port 8888 and select the service based on the path, so is somting like this:

This works great on ifttt and google (and google is very demanding on this kind of things) but in the lametric I keep getting a error that is fails in the ssl handshake. I can't use port 443 because of company restrictions, I only tested it and I was able to get a green light in Lametric Developer Website, but I was not able to test it more. I don't see a reason to this not to work. If I call in my browser I can get a secure https connection and talk with my server, but with the lametric api I get a error in the ssl, this seems like some problem on the api call to my server.

Thank you

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