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Need a way to remove the radio app

I have exactly no use at all for the radio app. I don't want it on the rotation and see no reason why the phone app provides no way to remove the app from the device.

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Concur! Need a way to remove radio from rotation. (Unless being used? Or manually called up?) - thanks!

Hey guys. Starting from the firmware 1.2.0 there is a possibility to remove radii app from rotation!

I need a way to remove apps from clicked rotation aswell. Why is this not an option?I do not understand...

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Can someone provide instructions on how to remove the Radio app from rotation, or remove the Radio app all together? 

It's Januari 2017 now, there is a mention this is added in Firmware 1.2.0, but I can't find the feature.

Hey guys,

It is possible to hide radio from auto rotation. To do that, please enable auto scroll mode and drag radio icon on top of the crossed eye.


Hope it helps!

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Can you please implement a way to remove the radio app entirely? Not just hide from rotation, but also from clicked rotation. Majority of users will not be using this device for radio.

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There is a bug since one year. Despite the fact that I set radio app on grey status (no eyes). It 's always visible and stay a long time on the LaMetric ... It's very unpleasant !

I dont have the issue with the Radio app showing on my device but it does annoy me that I cant delete it from the phone app. Why is this? Most people dont use it, so just let us delete it. Please!

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After using the device for 10 mins this was the first thing I wanted to remove! Why can't I remove it?

Hi @ Mahmoud!

Unfortunately, it isn't possible to remove the Radio app. Radio app is built-in application. It can't be removed from LaMetric. You just can hide it in the Autoscroll mode.  

If you have any questions, please drop an email on

After all these request, still no way to remove :( 

Please make the radio app removable or hideable.
I do not want to have the radio app shown, because for me it is useless. Please make the radio app removable or hideable.And listen to your customers.


I agree, I dont want this app, I dont want it in the rotation, I just want it gone.  

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