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show current music track [Spotify]

Hello everyone!

I don't want to listen to Spotify via LaMetric, BUT:

Is there a way to show the current track I listen on Amazon Alexa via notification

on the LaMetric? By using Spotify, not Amazon Prime Music. I can't find a solution.

I tried to set it up with IFTTT, but I guess it will only work with Prime Music.

What a bummer.

I didn't have Amazon Prime,

and it works.

Look p.e. here:

Thanks so much for the reply! <3
So you are using Spotify on your ECHO and
the IFTTT Indicator on your LaMetric shows you some information?


Did not work for me using Spotify nor Pandora while playing it on my Alexa Dot. The applet said it never activated after half an hour of playing songs. Is there a skill that needs to be added, I wonder?
I realized that LaMetric published an applet for this very thing. I enabled it and disabled the one I had created, it doesn’t work either. I even made sure I enabled the LaMetric skill on Alexa.
Reply from LaMetric said it only works with Amazon Prime Music. 

I'm a Spotify user and i use the solution developped by William Venner for 10 monthes now. (

As it's not dependant from a plateform, it displays the song information whenever a device use my Spotify account. It works perfectly with an iPad, Android Phone, Google Home speaker and Chromecast.

It's not as simple as installing an app but the time spent to set it up worth it.


(As english is not my birth language i hope this message is understandable)


my app "Displify" is published to the LaMetric Store and displays your currently playing Spotify track. No matter on what device you hear music. 

For sure there is a rate-limit by Spotify, but at the moment that should not be a big deal.



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I LOVE YOU Kenneth!
It works perfectly well, thanks so much!
Made my day! <3

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Hey Steve, glad that you like it. Thanks for your feedback. If you have any feature requests, feel free to contact me. cheers, Kenneth
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