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Random Clock Face

I love the clock so far!

I wanted the LaMetric for years - now I finally got it! *yay*

There are some small things, quite simple, that can not be adjusted tho.

Something I really miss are random Clock Faces or the ability to choose like 6 and they change every rotation. Or every 5 minutes.

Do you know the Game-Frame? Just like that.

I tried to change the Clock Face every 15 minutes via IFTTT, but that freezes my LaMetric kinda.

Duplicating the Clock App 10 times makes no sense, since you have to wait forever to see a App I can't duplicate.

Maybe I'm missing an option here. I'm all new. If so please let me know! (:

I mean the Clock Face is the BEST thing ever! <3

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Sorry for necroposting but i would be interested in this as well. Have it randomly pick a different clock face every so often. It sounds very easy to implement but probably isn't ? 

Even better if the random choice could be made among a user "favorites" faces list.

agree, i prefer mostly animated faces and not for example the youtube logo

Sorry to say that but I thought this is a basic feature! I bought this clock 2 days ago. Despite the fact, that I only was able to connect it exactly 1 time with my network, I expected the clock to rotate through all the faces. Also the fact that it shows important push notifications exactly one time is ridiculous.

I want to send my girlfriend a message, when I head back. If she misses this short time frame from 3 seconds, the information is gone.

I was aware of a gadget, but the functionality is too basic. And while reading this forum I think, that the development of functionality is stopped...

I upvote. Please add this function.

Actually, I use a lot a clock app in my lametric for having a lot of icons...

holy crap this isn't an option? ohhh dear . 

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