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Traffic update app like google maps

Can an app be created, which gives you information on the traffic updates to your destination and the arrival time along with real time delays just like google maps. There is one on the app store but that is not that good as it only gives arrival time, Would like to see an app that can give you information of the traffic when leaving for work or any destination

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So the input is origin and destination, and the output is travel time? I doubt whether Google is going to provide the data for free. Let me see what services are available on the market.

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I think output should be travel time with traffic information in real time for example accidents, road works abit like google maps which gives you full details, this app would be ideal in the morning when leaving for work with notification of any delays to work.


I'm curious - do you usually drive to work or take public transport?

 I drive to work, but would be nice to know of any delays on that day, so I can leave earlier due to traffic or any incidents

Cool. I’ll look into it. No guarantee though, as there might not be free service that I can use


If  its possible it would be appreciated, if not then thanks for trying and taking your time out

 your response has been faster then lametric support who still have not responded to my inquiry


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