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Can't wait for IFTT intergration, I think it will give the lametric a lot more power. For instance, IF the LA Lakers are playing, then send live scores to Lametric display.

Even some smart home integration, IF doorbell is pressed, play tone and display doorbell icon/text.

Keep up the great work guys, you're on the verge of something awesome!

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I have been working on IFTTT integration since my Lametric arrived, and I am pleased to say I have it working. 

Due to the limitations of the Lametric Developer Apps, I have been unable to implement this as tightly as I would have wanted, but it does work. 

I am finishing off the web-front to it along with instructions to set it up, and shall post further information as soon as this is done.

Is there much interest in this?

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HUGE interest!!

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Yep, big interest. I know it was on the initial campaign video that helped a number of people decide to buy. In fact, it is the only reason I really want to use the Lametric for.

Appreciate the work your doing!

My implementation allows you to create any recipe using IFTTT or Do Button app, and post to lametric untethered (ie you can be out of the home and still push messages to the Lametric). It's been especially useful using the location channels on IFTTT, as you can set it up to push an alert to lametric to notify when you are on your way home from work etc. As above, I have my system up and running already. Im just creating a front-end for it before i post full details. Glad to see there's interest in this. Hopefully native support will come in due course.

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Well done James. Waiting for your app :)

Looking forward 
I am waiting for this too. Need a beta tester?

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James Edward Teague - I'm really looking forward to this, thanks so much! I would be happy to test, IFTTT basically runs my life.

I'd be happy to help test as well.

Cant wait, will completely open up the useful potential

Thank you for developing it :)

I'm Interesses as will.
Discard my previous post which was destroyed by German auto-correction. Here's what I intended to say: I'm interested as well. ;-)

OK Folks, it's here... IFTTT/DO Button App Support for Lametric!

Due to the limitations of Lametric at this current point in time, the setup for this is lengthly, but straight forward. I have invested a lot of my own time into getting this working for you all, whilst I know Lametric are working on a more integrated solution. This should, however, allow full IFTTT interaction with your Lametric until such a time.

To setup, please visit and follow the instructions. 

You should be up and running within about 5-10 minutes if you follow the instructions carefully. 

Please give your feedback here - suggestions and comments most welcome!



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Just a note - my system needs to verify your email address. I understand these go to your junk-mail folder by default, so if you don't receive the email, check there first. If it still doesn't arrive within a few minutes, re-enter your email in the 'forgot your password' page.

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