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Android Tasker Plugin

please if there's any way you can build a plugin for Tasker app on Android that would be amazing. 

the possibilities to push information from your phone to LaMetric will be endless. 

you can send things like low battery warring or  phone is done charging. pretty much anything you can think of. 

on another note i received my device today and its really amazing, i was very very impressed by the screen quality, Auto brightness is also a very good idea. seriously you have done a great job, it was definitely worth the wait.

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i'd also like to add an ability change the widget using tasker. 

change widgets automatically for example, like if you open twitter on your phone and LaMetric changes the display to the twitter widget

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@user1306, I use Tasker combined with IFTTTs SMS and Phone Call Channel to route SMS messages to my LaMetric; kind of like a last message console. I just went thru James Edward Teague setup here. Work's like a bomb. Be patient to see your updates, as James mentions, there's some IFTTT timing delays. 

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This would be a very nice feature! 

Any chance this could become something?

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