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World cup 2018 app

 Can someone create an app for the world cup 2018 with all the games that are playing on the day and the scores like live updates of games taking place

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The idea was innovative. Various amazing such type of mobile applications was emerged during the whole tournament to facilitate the Fifa game lovers like FIFA Official App, Onefootball, and ESPN. As a technologist & working with mobile app development company in New York. The similar idea with some necessary amendments can be built a outclass and up to date mobile app for the Next Fifa tournament which is expectedly hosted by Qatar in 2022 from 21 November to 18 December.

Just started the thread



 Will do


I'll be interested to investigate. Can you start a new thread on this idea?


Hi, hope your good just a suggestion on a app, can you create an app, which gives you information on the traffic updates to your destination and the arrival time with real time delays like google maps. There is one on the app store but that is not that good as it only gives arrival time. its only a suggestion



 Will do, soon as I check will let you no


If you're talking about SWE-SUI match keeps showing up, it's a known issue with the service I use: From what I see now, the error seems to have gone away. Can you verify that?


after your updated version of the app, I enabled the show live scorer info as mentioned, unfortunately the live info isn’t working and only the past info from the previous match show’s and keeps repeating, even after the live match was over its only repeating the past match info,  please can you check sorry for the bother



Well, as long as I have the time. And there's an API for that, I suppose. No guarantee lol
Thanks mate,

Will you be doing any other football app’s for example FA Cup and Championship leagues, or any other app's, as your technique of creating app's are very good.


So please update the app. You may enable the 'Show live scorer info' switch in order to view who scored the goals.
Thanks in advanced you are a genius


Yeah. Let me figure it out.
Thanks I really appricate that, is there away to add which players score goals during the match


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