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Implement Spotify

Dear support,

I think many people would like a Spotify APP with the option how often the song title is displayed and jump between the tracks with the two buttons on top of the app.

Would really enjoy this app.

Thanks and Cheers,


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Using the Lamitric Time as a Spotify speaker could be implemented pretty easily using the Spotify Connect API availlable to accepted Spotify partners (meaning you need to apply for being a partner). I would be very happy if I could use my Lametric Time to play Spotify music. The feature which would allow to skip tracks sounds very interesting too and I am more than supporting this feature request. Sincerely, Wombosvideo

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Yes please !

It would be convenient and useful to see the song titles scrolling on lametric screen :D

Best regards,

Richard B.

Sounds very good i support this request.

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