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Would like more Notification Sound options

Would really like more Notification Sound options as these are key indicators as to whether to look at the LaMetric for certain important alerts. I have many notifications setup and can easily tell by sound which type of alert is showing and then decide whether to look at the notification at any given time. However, I need more alert sounds to choose from and/or, preferrably, the ability to add custom mp3 sounds of our own like we can create clock faces. As a quick addition, maybe you can give us the option of the clock alarm sounds as notification sounds in the mean time. Thank you very much!

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Hi, will there be enhancements sooner or later about having custom notification sounds when pushing JSON to the LaMetric? Probably having a base64 encoded string is impracticable due to the size of MP3 being a lot more heavier than 8x8 PNGs, but the ability to load an HTTP stream - as others suggested above - would be perfect solution. Developer, are you listening?

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best would be to be able to upload some mp3 to the device adn use them as alarm sounds or any notification sound

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Right, I also wish some custom sounds. Either by uploading/posting mp3 or maybe by providing a stream URL so that the device can get the file from there.

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Being able to specify an MP3 stream would be an awsome feature !

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Yep. Being able to specify a MP3 stream URL would be awesome.

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