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Abilitty to make scroll group

Now there is no way how to pick which application will be wisible or invisible for automatic scrolling funcion. This would be perfect to add because if you have tons of apps and you dont want to auto scroll them all, there is no way how to doit

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How to do it with API? Can find that kind of features in API documentation.

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Hi @Larex,

If it is necessary to hide some apps in Auto Scroll Apps mode (for example just Clock and Weather) – drag an app icon to the bottom bar on top of the crossed ‘eye’ icon. 





If you wish to make the hidden app visible again in this mode, drag the app icon to the bottom bar on top of the ‘eye’ icon.




It is also possible to make app stay 2 or 3 times longer than others. Just drag to the corresponding ‘eye’ icon 2x or 3x.



Also related to:

Having numbered "scroll groups" (as per this ticket title) that can be switched by API or by scheduled times could be great to differentiate working days and weekends or mornings/evenings etc.

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