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Notifications from your mobile on LaMetric App

Hey! :)

What do you think about a App for LaMetric which informes you when you have got a notification on your mobile phone? 

It would be very useful for things like WhatsApp or Facebook Massenger. 

It could be like : " XXXXX wrote on Whatsapp at 10:49 a.m. : Hey, do you want to chill with me? " ( i know, bad example lol )

I know that it just works in case the mobile phone has internet connection ^^

But it would be nice!


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For the moment you can use the new IFTTT trigger to do that. The only bad thing on it is that you can't display the message.

Hi guys,

We are working on this feature right now. It will be released soon ;)

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What is the status of this function?


Coming soon!

The feature is already live! Check it out ;)

hello how can i turn on the whatsapp function android

Hi, here is an instruction how to enable LaMetric smartphone notification.

it says phone not suported 

huawei p7

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@Gofran I have the same problem with huawei P9 Plus

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@Royal Skillyx 

yeah i just found out that its not supported 

 @Gofran Yes, but why? I only bought it because it should work on android as well, but it looks like some features are only for IOS. I don't think this is fair.

Please "fix" this.

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