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Spotify or deezer.

Hello it would be nice if there could be an application like Spotify or deezer.

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It's 2021, I still cannot make my LaMetric Time to display the current track info, when playing music/podcasts with Spotify iOS. • my phone that I play tracks with is: iPhone 11 Pro Max, iOS 15.1 • my LaMetric Time’s software is updated to the newest available 2.2.2 I usually play my Spotify iOS, connected to my Sonos WiFi speakers, but that doesn’t matter, as I also often play my Spotify with my iPhones speakers only. None of the Spotify apps on the LaMetric Time’s App Store, can manage to successfully show track information, whenever I play tracks with my Spotify iOS. Anyone perhaps knows whether there’s a solution to this issue yet? Thank you guys in advance for your feedback! I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers, Yashakur

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I'm a also frustrated that because after the last update the Last Track app that it was the last workaround of showing some data from Spotify has been pulled from the Lametric Store. It is a bit dissapointing that there is no way to have native support of Spotify like showing current track etc.

That said, there is a quick and dirty workaround through IFFTT:

You can make an applet with the IFFT function for Spotify "new recently played track" that could trigger a display notification on Lametric. does not work that flawlessly but it is better than nothing. 

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