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Spotify or deezer.

Hello it would be nice if there could be an application like Spotify or deezer.

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oh, seems no its gone worse..... it says all the time too many requests even more times as the (!) was  :( and the words are far more annoying as the (!) I think anyway Spotify should like that App and disable the limit for your App....:(

Would it be possible to modify the app in order every user can enter its own spotify API key ?

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...that would be propably a good solution.... or even better Team up with Spotify to geat a Special API for this since i belive this app will become huge sucess and ist an top plus for spotify and a win win Situation !

Still the App i use now Mostly on my Device since i ever wished having such a Monitor for my Music!

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I agree with you Dan and i really hope Spotify will help Billy.

hi sadly now it stoped working completly, it only displays too many requests

works again for now

hmmm its still not working great any updates or effort in this? or is it a dead project :(

Sorry everyone, Spotify's rate limiting is too much for this app and I don't have good enough, inexpensive servers to handle the project. For the app to be as accurate and useful as possible, it has to update as much as possible. The minimum for LaMetric is 5 seconds.


Spotify managed to rack up 486 downloads on the LaMetric store.

That's obviously 486 requests to my server every 5 seconds. It just couldn't handle it, and I have more important projects that require the processing power. Also, Spotify understandably rate limits their API, so I can only get information from Spotify for a limited amount of users.


I changed the time to 1 minute intervals, which still didn't help with the rate limiting, as it's still 486 requests a minute.


I have open sourced the project on GitHub, here. You can set up your own application and server infrastructure if you have experience with that. For non-developers, I'm sorry, but I don't think a Spotify nor Deezer app is possible without the app being unreliable.

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Hello Billy,

Thank you for the great job you made and for making a Github to keep your great project alive.

Why La Metric don't support your app ? Hard to say ...


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  • yeah I think too it should be an official la metric Spotify app.....! its really a great  use of this device

That would be great! Dear LaMetric-Team, do you think that its possible? Thanks

I hope this is implemented very soon.

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Hey, I have the problem with my iphone X. The  spotify application does not allow me to login. How can I do this? Thanks Danila

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