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Sports Scores

What about a sports scores app? I think it would help sell the device if people could use it as a sports ticker.

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ifttt + espn?

I set that up for the teams I want to see right now. I just thought it'd be a good idea to have an app just for sports scores. I can't figure out how to build apps myself.

Hi Kevin. We have a tutorial that shows how app can be developed. Hope it will be helpful.

Well ... the solution on IFTT Channel is Team oriented, if I want to receive notifications from several leagues (all teams) I have to setup dozens of rules, a league global option would be nice, but wait .... IFTT is no longer an option when it comes to this heavily used rules... some recipes like this one clearly states "This Applet can be delayed by up to an hour" ... oh well ... livescores... should be live... delayed by let's say... 10 seconds max to be worth it.

SO ... my question is ... is there a workaround to this? anyone managed to do this via RSS/XML/JSON combined with other available app for lametric ?

I think this would be so nice...

A way to just SIMPLY get this done was to Lametric get IOS/Android notifications management app working, this way we just had to select witch phone apps can mirror notification on Lametric... there's thousands of phone app's with value notifications, this would be so much easier, I know Lametric was created to be a standalone device, able to do this stuff without the phone... but in some cases, like this one, this level of integration would be welcome.  

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