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Change notification sound based on event

I have a notification app, where I can set the icon as part of the notification.  Why can't I also set the sound/audio notification in the json file as I can the icon?

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This is good point. Currently this is not possible, but potentially we will add this feature. We see it useful in cases, for example, to play one sound when something positive happens and negative sound otherwise. 

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Any update on this possibility?

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Please check our Development Roadmap in order to keep the track of coming updates.


+1. I'd love it too.

This has been implemented in API v2
I'm using it, works great.
Although it seems you cant declare "alarm1" through "alarm13" as sound IDs


Oh :) Haven't mentioned that, my last attempts was [previous] API wasn't successful, so I use IFTTT for now. Will check it out.

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