LaMetric Development Roadmap


From new features point of view we are moving forward according to the following plan:

  • LaMetric IFTTT channel  (implemented)
  • LaMetric IFTTT Do app - LaMetric app which allows to push any action available on IFTTT with the click of a button (implemented)
  • LaMetric IFTTT Display app - LaMetric app which allows to display any notification from IFTTT-enabled services and connected devices (implemented)
  • Hidden and WEP Wi-Fi networks support (implemented)
  • LaMetric Developer enhancements (oAuth and parameters were implemented)
  • Google Analytics app for LaMetric (implemented - beta)
  • Possibility to choose different time of visibility and hide apps in auto-scroll mode (implemented)
  • Screensaver for LaMetric (implemented)
  • Ability to change scroll speed (implemented)
  • Ability to push LaMetric in the internal network (implemented - beta)
  • App Figures app for LaMetric (implemented)
  • WooCommerce, Shopify apps for LaMetric (WooCommerce - Implemented)
  • Local API for notifications, designed for Smart Home systems (implemented)
  • Japanese language support (implemented)
  • SmartThings native integration to make LaMetric a Smart Home Display (in progress)
  • Phillips Hue native support (implemented)
  • Netatmo native support (implemented)
  • Instagram followers App (implemented)
  • LaMetric&Alexa Integration (implemented)
  • LaMetric App. WeMo switch  (implemented)
  • Display smartphone notifications on LaMetric Time (in progress)
  • Slack bot (in progress)
  • LaMetric Sonos App (planned)
  • LaMetric&Nest Integration (planned)
  • Sync several devices together (in progress)

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