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MQTT Support

Allow updates via MQTT server so home automation systems such as OpenHAB can display messages.

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Interestingly the LaMetric seems to generate a lot of MQTT traffic already, so I expect it is capable of this really easily.


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@rsmck ... could you please explain how / where you saw this MQTT traffic?

mqtt support is a must, could we have a chance?


Please support this features to display home automation information via mqtt

Any news on this feature request? It would be great if apps could subscribe to mqtt topics in addition to the current poll and push options!


Thanks for reaching out to us.

Unfortunately, currently, there is no such app or integration, but we appreciate this suggestion and we'll consider it as a possibility of further implementation.  

Thanks for bringing it to our notice.

We are always working on improvements and strive to deliver the best quality to our customers. Please follow our Development Roadmap to stay tuned. Although sometimes we face some technical limitations we constantly work on the updates and put maximum efforts polishing core features to deliver the best product quality.  

If you have any other questions please drop email on

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dear Lamtric. now we have unofficial FW for LaMetric with MQTT on the board but no official FW with MQTT

it's a pity

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Hello LaMetric,

I saw on the developer page that MQTT is coming.

Do you have a release date for that?




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I was also curious about when we can expect the MQTT support to be released.

So, a new brand app with name DYI can use MQTT natively.

But still no information about MQTT roadmap from La dev team.

i tried the app, no way to have the mqtt server connected, always says not_connected under mqtt setting

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Dear @Oleg,

Thanks for your comment. Our team is working on updates for Developer Documentation.

It will be available soon.

We'll keep in touch with you on this.

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Dear @Sommo,

Sorry for the long period in reply.

Could you please share more details about the issue on

Thank you in advance.

@Sommo You might forgot to configure the port (1883). It took me a while until I figured what wasn't working.

For other who wondering, the app is named "My Data DIY". You can add it directly from the Market on your mobile app, then configure an MQTT topic as source of data for an indicator app.

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