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Auto-cycling apps

I've now got a nice set of apps on my LaMetric.  Remarkably smooth setup and implementation.  Congrats :-)

What I'd like to be able to do now is to auto-cycle through a selected set of apps.  

So say be able to cycle every 15/30/60 seconds between News, Weather, Twitter and Clock, rather than having to manually switch between them.


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i would be also great to be able to set auto scroll for a period of time .p.ex. from 8am to 5pm and after that to fixe the clock app.

So its now 2.0.6 and i cant find the options? were they removed?

Hey guys, good news! Ability to skip the clock and adjust timings will be available in the upcoming firmware release 1.2.0. Testing that right now and publishing when ready.

 Especially to skip the clock app.

I agree we need a time for each app to appear, as well as the option to skip certain apps when set to auto scoll

Reordering issue has been fixed in 1.0.25 firmware.

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This is built-in, click the bottom "bar" when configuring apps.

I do - however - have a request about this: first off, re-ordering the apps doesn't work. E.g.: I want clock - weather - clock - stock. What I get (even after re-arranging them) is clock - clock - weather - stock. Seems like a bug.

Second: it would be nice to specify the time how long 1 app should remain visible before switching to the next.


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