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It would be great if there were integration with the Samsung SmartThings Hub.

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It will be possible soon, after LaMetric IFTTT channel launch.

Do we have any sort of ETA on the LaMetric Channel?  

Also, can we get any info on how it will work?  Specifically, will we be able to assign individual icons to our different recipes? 

As much as I love James Edward Teague work on the temporary IFTTT integration, I'm really hoping to have custom icons for each type of notification to my LaMetric.

Also, how will a IFTTT app work?  What I'd like to see is a notification pops up when something comes from IFTTT, and then it goes away after x-number of seconds/minutes.

I'd prefer to NOT see that notification again as my Time scrolls through the installed apps.

Friends, you can connect Smart Things and LaMetric using IFTTT recipes. LaMetric IFTTT channel is already LIVE!

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