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Clock App Alarms

Would like to see a more functional alarm clock in the clock app.  Similar to the iPhone would be perfect, however, may be hard to implement.  At a minimum, 7 individual alarms (one for each day of the week) that could be set to be recurring (for example, every Monday, alarm goes off at 6:30am).  Would be similar to the message board app, only with alarms, instead of text.

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The main feature I need is for the alarm to be enabled only on certain day.

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I agree the app needs updating to have similar features as the iOS alarm clock. Multiple individual alarms which can be set to only go off on specific dates with individual alarm tones or radio functions. Currently I have to remember to turn my alarm off manually at weekends which is easier said than done :(

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I would also like to see a snooze option. Tap for Snooze, hold to turn off the alarm.

The Snooze option is available, please go to Clock app>Alarm and turn Snooze on. The alarm sound will be repeated in 10 minutes. 

When the alarm has been fired you can snooze it by short clicking on any of the buttons on the top (Left, Right navigation buttons or Action button). 

Can the length of the snooze be adjusted? I would check myself but I don't have one yet.

Currently, the length of the snooze can not be adjusted

Any work on different alarm times depending on weekdays?

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I have just recently got the Lametric and I was surprised , and very dissapointed, that there is no way to have alarm customization.

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Yes, it is a really really basic clock app, you need to disable every weekend the alarm for the work days. And enable them again to start on monday. The LaMetric device is such a great innovation, but these apps have really poor functions and are more than basic. Same for the radio app, that has f.e no function to simply start a sleep timer... These are all simple functions that are missing and it seems nobody is interested to change this at LaMetric. Really disappointed, expected a better app development.

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Just the ability to have the alarm only during weekdays would be great!  Please!!

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I almost grabbed one of these during the Amazon sale today in order to replace my ~20 year old bedside dumb alarm... until i researched and noticed it doesn't support weekday recurring alarms.

I guess this isn't on the developers radar?


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Some here waiting two years for this, but it seems nobody at LaMetric is interested in this. Why should an alarm clock have weekday alarms... but hey, it can show you your facebook likes...

I wonder if they're still in business? It has become very quiet... :(

It has become very quiet, I wonder if they're still in business? :/

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