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Scroll speed

It will be nice to adjust the scroll speed of the text displayed, for example in a tweet

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I too would love to be able to adjust the scroll speed and even the time each "app" shows for on screen, would be very handy!

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Me too - the speed of text scrolling is just too fast ... ideally, I'd like to see a slider in the app that lets you decide how fast or slow to scroll the text per application (where text scrolling is involved).


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This shouldn't be marked as implemented; The horizontal scroll speed is too fast by default and isn’t adjustable outside of typewriter mode, which is distracting and on the other end of the spectrum, too slow by default. Please fix!

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I have developed a couple of personal apps, some Pull and other with Push Content. and I'm really loving it. The speed of when a widget disappears after receding a new Notificationumber is too short. Right now when your are on one screen and another screen changes/update because of new content pushed, it displays the info and disappears too quickly.

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We have just released Firmware 1.4.0 that supports global text effect configuration. Check it out here. Any feedback on this is appreciated. Thanks.

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I can only see an option to control the typewriter speed but not for the scroll speed? Am I missing something? I much prefer the scrolling method that the typewriter but the news scrolls way too fast.

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Please provide another way to deal with scrolling speed text, the solution implemented is not satisying at all.....


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I wish this was a setting in the .json file, and not just a "global" setting in the app.

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This is a major HOT topic/need.  Not sure why it wasn't included in the latest update.  Please add a way, slider or fixed increments, to modify the scroll speed of text in all apps.  The news app and other text scroll apps are almost useless with the text moving by so quickly.

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Thank you. Can we activate it in the apps apps individually? From what I see it seems to be a global configuration, activating all the text displayed. Sorry but my Lametric is not at home and I cannot test it right now. If someone can test it...

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This feature has been requested for 5 years. I got my unit today and the scroll speed is crazy. Is there any chance of this being implemented as it appears to be requested again and again? It's quite disappointing the scroll speed and it makes the unit unusable.

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Add me to the list of people desiring a way to control speed.

yes scrolls way to fast :-(


Many thanks for reaching out to us. We can well understand your concern, but unfortunately, the scroll speed cannot be adjusted due to some technical limitations. You can control text speed using the Typewriter option only (Settings>Text>Text Animation>Typewriter).

Should there be any questions please drop an email on

Best wishes,

LaMetric Team

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