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How hard is it to make an App for LaMetric Time

I'm a graphic designer (not a programmer), but can get around basic technical stuff. Would love to have an app that reports how many members there are in a particular Discord server. There are two that claim they did / do that, but neither currently work, presumably due to changes in the LaMatric codebase.

Are they hard to make? Failing that, are there developers here who might consider it (happy to contribute to costs). Or is there a better place to communicate with potential LaMetric app devs? Thanks

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I’m not a Discord user, but I think that wouldn’t be hard to implement. Lametric has a My Data DIY app that allows you to display whatever data you want. For example, have your DIY app poll this URL: Then display the data {approximate_member_count} Give it a try and let me know how it goes
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