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Timed message board

I would love a Lametric TIME app that works like the currently built-in app "Message Build" except you can put specific time-frames for each message to appear. For example I'd have a message that says "Work" that only appears from 12:00 to 16:00, and a different message that says "Clean house" from "16:00" to "18"00" and so on. When no messages are set to display at the current time, the app simply hides itself as if it's set to not display, so that it won't simply show a "No messages at the moment" message if you have your apps set to Auto-scroll. This would be super helpful in helping remind me what I'm supposed to be doing at a given moment.
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Sorry I meant like the currently built-in app "Message Board", not Message Build Instead or making a whole new app, adding this functionality to the existing app would also be very welcome.

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