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Countdown App feature requests

I am rearranging my live stream studio, and want to use my LaMetric as a countdown timer for when I want live events and Zoom meetings to end (similar to what you see mounted on television cameras in a news studio), but there are a few things that would improve that usage experience.

Here's the updates I'd like to see:

  • Auto "Show One App" when timer is running.

Right now, if I start the countdown timer (which I'm calling from an API call to set the time remaining for the event automatically), it just disappears as auto-scroll brings around the regular content I want. If I remove it from the auto-scroll, it won't be seen again until the time is up. I would like the auto-scroll to work as normal, but when I start the timer, auto-scroll stops until the timer is reset or I manually cycle away from it, and then auto-scroll resumes - without having to launch the app on the phone and change the setting manually each time. This should be a selectable option or the other option would be to disable/enable auto scroll via an API call.

  • Hide app from auto-scroll when not running
Like above, I don't need the timer scrolling across with auto-scroll when its not running, I only need it when its running, so I should be able to remove it from auto-scroll, but if its running, and I don't have auto-scroll disabled by the above suggestion, have it show in auto-scroll.

  • Mute Timer Alarm
When the timer expires it beeps... loudly, which can be heard on studio microphones. I then have to scramble to silence the beep. Like above, this should be a user-selectable toggle if not an API call.

  • Change Timer Color on time remaining
Like the muting of the timer, this would make the countdown app more live stream friendly. In many Governments, speakers have limits as to the amount of time they can speak. This is typically with the timer or "lights" going from Green, to Yellow and ultimately to Red (or flashing red) when the timer expires. This would give the visual indication that time is running short or out, particularly if the Alarm is muted. Like the others, this could be a user-selectable option, including when the intervals for the color changes (and possibly even what colors) would be.

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