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More customization on schedule on iOS app


I find the iOS app very light in term of customization when it comes to scheduling.

Let me give you an exemple. I would like to have constantly the clock showing up but I want every hour the stock quotes, netatmo and another app to show up for few minutes. But I only want them every hour for few minutes..

Today the only way I found to do this would be to use the Show by schedule but it means I need to setup the following way :

08:00 clock

08:01 stocks

08:02 clock

09:01 stocks

09:02 clock


A bit annoying and painful to setup..don't you think ?

Hello Jonathan!

Thanks for your request and sharing your feedback. We'll forward it to our Development team for consideration.

You may also try use IFTTT to show some app every full hour or certain time. Here is an example with Top News app:

- log in to your account on or with IFTTT app;
- tap 'Create' in your account options;
- on the next screen tap 'This';
- find 'Date&Time" service;
- choose trigger;
- choose the device where you will create trigger;
- tap 'That' and find LaMetric service;
- choose action for your trigger;
- tap 'Finish'.

You will receive notifications when this Applet runs. Here is a link on video on how to do it -

We hope this will be useful. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions.

Thank you for the tip. It’s getting closer but i can’t for instance put every 10 min show me the stocks et c… the only workaround I found is to duplicates clocks and put 3x their time and then show another app but it has limits as well.. it’s a pity
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