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App Profiles!!

having the possibility of application Profiles to load in the Clock.

the only way to do that now is to manually remove apps .. if that's temporary and the app requires authentication or user interaction this can be very time consuming and difficult do.

the solution would be profiles! 

so one can prepare apps to be and activate a profile to show them.

lets say as example you have visitors and you not want them to see your PayPal Balance scrolling on the clock, so a profile that doesn't not have the PayPal app would fix that, and once you by yourself you can switch the profile that includes the app without doing new logins.

its, even more, worse for Mail as iCloud as an example requires one-time passwords .. which have to be re-created each time, this makes a temporary disable of an app like this a major hassle.

i do live stream, and I certainly do not want my audience see email subjects or even parts of the message scrolling over randomly, but I want to display a set of other apps.

the only way to do it now is to manually click through apps.

but that is;t really the point!

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