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Possibilities for better Covid19 Apps

 I would have a great idea. Hopefully my thought will find appeal among developers.
I am not satisfied with the Covid19 Info Apps in the Appstore. Can't you program something that not only shows the daily increment number of newly infected, but most importantly: combines data in the display about the local incidence number. In many widgets of smartphones you can already access such data, then you should also be possible in the clock.
If you programmers want to be rewarded for this work, why not offer it as an API key that the user has to buy?

Translated with (free version)

Hello, I would like to add my point of view here. Frankly speaking, this is a great idea to develop. I heard a lot about such apps at discussion post this lametric thread

Hi Andy,

Regarding your post, if my understanding of your idea is correct, there are several apps which had been created and launched to LaMetric market currently including my one. For the most important resource of this kind of informative app should be the source of accurate data based on on your country or state. For my example, my app is currently based on a localized o\and offical API which will retrieve the announced information of COVID-19. For the rest of the app, it would be handled easily.

My app: COVID-19 (HK)

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