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Will BBC Radio stop working on my Lametric Time Radio app on 22nd March?

This morning when I was listening to Radio 4 the BBC broadcast a message they have also posted at,

that I interpreted as meaning I may no longer be able to listen to BBC radio using the Lametric Time ver. 1.0.20 app after the 22nd March 2021.

Do you know if the BBC's action will stop me listening to BBC Radio on my Lametric Time, and if so is there anything that I or Lametric can do to fix this?  

Hi Neil!

Thanks for your request.

We use 3rd party radio database. And unfortunately, if BBC Radio stops playing it is also stops playing on LaMetric Time. Unfortunately, we don't have control over this. 

Thanks for bringing this information to our notice.  If you have any other questions, please drop an email on We'll be glad to help.

Have a nice day!

Hi Christine,

back in March before the BBC stopped using the original BBC Radio 4 URL, I opened the LaMetric Time app, clicked on the image of a Lametric Time, clicked on the Radio App symbol then on 'Radio Stations', followed by the '+' symbol and 'Custom Stream URL', and inputted the title and a 'Stream URL' from the list at and its played fine ever since. Would be interested to know if this works for you.

Best of luck, Neil 

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