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Add more text animation options

We currently only have two animation options:

- typewriter (which is not very good, and too slow even at fastest setting) 

- scroll (which is way too fast to read and not speed-adjustable)

Can we have a few more options please? In particular, I'd love a "ticker" option with adjustable speed, which displays the text and just moves it along one pixel at a time, based on a selectable speed setting. Here's an example of what this looks like:

Note: This is not the same as the existing smooth scroll, which apparently suffers technical limitations preventing supporting slower scroll speed (presumably because of trying to achieve a smooth movement with the way the screen pixels are multiplexed/driven?). There is no technical limitation for this new pixel-shift/ticker option; it's just displaying text statically, then shifting it 1 pixel left, at a user-selectable speed.

Another good option might be one that shifts the text letter-by-letter (similar to typewriter, but without the drop-down animation each time, and with the option to go a bit faster than typewriter does) as I could imagine this would be very readable.

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Hi Tom!

Thanks for sharing your feedback.

We appreciate your suggestions and we'll take them into our account when working on further updates.

If you have any other ideas or questions, please drop an email on

Have a nice day!

Best regards,

LaMetric Team

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