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LinkedIn company page followers counter

The company I run is fully focused on B2B business and so being the only social network we use and focus on is LinkedIn. I have bought a LaMetric thinking that I could use it as a LinkedIn page counter but the support team answered me telling me that this should still be developed if it is of interest for enough people.

What do you think ?

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Support this! There was an app earlier, but it had a lot of flaws, and I see that it is not available anymore. 

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It’s even mentiioned here: Constantly have this feeling with LaMetric, so promising but so often not spot on.

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Added a LinkedIn followers counter app in case you still want to try

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Great ... thanks !!

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Yes defintly! Installed and works perfectly, many thanks

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I have also installed it this morning and it works great !!! Many thanks

Hey guys, i did a big update to the app and is probably you will need to download it again if LaMetric app do not update it correctly. Take a note of your company id before uninstall it and reenter the values once you install it again. If you need to monitor more that 1 company, you can duplicate the app and fill the Company Name field.

Great ... thanks ! I will try the update tomorrow but what are the changes ?

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You can add the name of the company and the image you want to use (Very useful if you are monitoring multiple companies) and you can also add your goal. Let's say you have 1000 number of followers and you want to reach to the number 2000, it will show you now that you are in the 50% to reach your goal.

The app has been updated automatically and it's great. What is the Company Icon ID and what is the "Show Full value" option ?

(2.87 MB)

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Icons are here:

When you select one of them, it shows you the Icon ID. If it is an animation, put the prefix "a" infront of the id, if it's an static image, put the prefix "i". (I dont know an easier way to do that yet)

Show Full value is when you have to many followers. for example, Microsoft has 12903117 followers, screen will show you 12.9 M <- Millions. If you want to see the entire value, you switch it to On.

If you want to see its potential, do the following in the app options:

Company Name: Microsoft

Company Icon ID: i7739

Show Full Value: On

LinkedIn ID: 1035

Show Goal: On

LinkedIn Followers Goal: 15000000

Notify: On

Notification sound: letter_email

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