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USB divers.


I can't update firmware via PC.

Because me pc(Windows 7) don't know lametric, it didn'd find USB drivers.

Pleace Can we sent me a link for download USB drivers for me lametric time !!

Thx you !

(Sorry for my english)

I'm unable to update the firmware.

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Hi guys, please follow the next steps to update the software via USB: 
- Connect LaMetric Time to PC using USB cable.
- Start device in Recovery mode (press and hold Volume Up button and short press the On/Off button at the same time).
- Mount mass storage (navigate in Recovery mode to ‘MOUNT’ using Left or Right navigation buttons and confirm with Action button). 

- PC should detect new mass storage device and LaMetric will be temporarily locked. 



- Drop latest software file from to the root folder of the disk drive that appeared on your PC.
- Safely disconnect LaMetric from PC and reboot it (navigate to ‘REBOOT’ using Left or Right buttons and confirm with Action button).- The software will be installed automatically. The device will reboot few times.
- Then please try to configure the device.

Please drop an email to if the issue persists.
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