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No notifications after screensaver was activated


My main purpose is to display smarthome notifications on the LaMetric Time. But always when the screensaver was activated, notifications do not arrive anymore. The screensaver is no longer active but I still get the following error message:

{ "errors" : [ { "message" : "Only notifications with priority 'critical' are al                          lowed when screensaver is activated" } ] }

 Only if I switch the LaMetric off and on I can receive notifications again.

I use the following command but I've got the same issue when I work with other plugins/modules who are able to send notification to the LaMetric Time.


curl -X POST -u "dev:<KEY>" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d " { \"model\": { \"frames\": [ { \"icon\":\"a2867\", \"text\":\"Hello\!\"} ] } }" <IP>:8080/api/v2/device/notifications


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I'm the only one who has this Issue? At least I would have expected an answear from support. According to the retail price, it should be possible.
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