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Lametric Skill in Spanish

Please can you update you Amazon Alexa Skill to have Spanish (es_ES) language.?. Is so easy, only need to create the JSON model for Spanish as you make it for the other languages. Thanks.

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Dear @Cayetano,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Currently there is no Amazon Alexa skill in Spanish. But we appreciate if you can help us with this.  Could we send you a document with Alexa skills in English,  so you could come across them and translate in Spanish?


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Hi, I'm available also for make the translation. I'm also Alexa's developer, so I can help you with the model and also with the backend code. Do you use i18next? If you want please contact me directly. Regards, José

Is there anything new on this subject? Can I help translate the skill? (I have already helped with other skill translations) 


Thanks for your response.

Here you can find phrases which need to translate.

We appreciate your help. It will be really helpfull.

Thanks in advance.


In 4 years this has not progressed? I have just received the Lametric Time and I went to connect it to Alexa and I see that there is no skill in Spanish, so I lose that functionality...

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